Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club Brings You Chankanaab Park, The Crown Of Cozumel Island

Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club suggest tourist to snorkel, dive and swim with the friendly Dolphins in Cozumel’s Chankanaab National Park. This is a great natural attraction located on Cozumel island’s highway and is considered a special area of fauna and flora protection. Everything about adventure, calmness and fun is melted in Chankanaab and the tourist love to experience the fun and enjoyment by experiencing swimming and diving in this beautiful area. Tourist will get the chance to peek through the underwater universe and marvel at the artistic and creative sculptures under its ocean too.

Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club says that Chankanaab is the perfect tourist spot where you don’t even need to carry your diving and snorkeling equipment as you can rent it from the parks shops. This park is known as a Refuge and Reserve to protect wildlife because it is home to the best scuba diving and snorkeling sites in the world. Once the tourists visit the park they sure will understand the real reason why this park was designed as a natural reserve.

The landscape beauty of its coastlines, its limestone formations and colorful coral reef really take your breath away. The best thing is that the children and experienced divers can enjoy Scuba Diving alike, as they don’t even need any diving experience to enjoy at Chankanaab. It is the safest method for the kids and beginners to experience the mysterious underwater world. During your Scuba diving experience guides will accompany you and you will all be connected through a twenty foot oxygen tube. For this you don’t require any formal training as you can jump right in.

Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club says that the Chankanaab Lagoon and its traditional flavors add appeal to for the tourists who enjoy the most exotic Mexican dishes on Earth. Tourists love to spend time on the laid back beach restaurants where all the diving and snorkeling activities take place. The laid back Chankanaab Park is dedicated to all the beauty around the island of Cozumel. It sure is a perfect spot to explore its amazing reef and its wide variety of sea life.

Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club says that shopping in the island is an alluring experience as you meander through the charming streets of Cozumel you will find a whole range of goods from jewelry, to handicrafts.

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