Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club Marvel At The Beauty Of The Ceremonial Caves Of Belize

Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club guests rave about the beautiful sights of Belize, which is positioned in the beautiful Caribbean Coast and is famous for its sightseeing attractions. The beautiful diving spots are what allure the adventure seeking tourists to explore the underwater world and enjoy its thrilling adventures.

Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club guests who have been to Belize say that wherever you go you will never be able to experience the extreme caving adventure that you get to enjoy at ActunTunichul Muknal Caves anywhere except Belize. The visit to the sacred Mayan ceremonial cave that exhibits a number of artifacts and human remains preserved and ready for you to explore is quite a thrilling adventure experience .The real thrill of this extreme caving experience starts from the moment that you enter the cave by threshing upstream for about an hour through narrow cracks and waterfalls . And then you end up at a cliff where you have to remove your shoes and enter the ceremonial cave where you get to see hundreds of human’s sacrificial remains preserved in pots. This experience is quite scary but the element of adventure in it is what motivates the tourist to visit this beautiful site. The government is thinking of closing down these caves because of the dangers involved so know is the time to enjoy this attraction before it closes down.

Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club members say that though Belize is a small country but is quiet a big adventure experience and the tourist looking for extreme fun and adventure should certainly spend their vacations in Belize. Visiting the Hol Chan Marine Reserve is another must see sight of Belize as you get to see a large number of beautiful, stripped and needle nose fishes that transform in the deep blue water of the Caribbean Coasts into underwater Pinocchio’s.

Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club guests also recommend the tourists who are on family vacation to take their kids to Belize’s Zoo where they can get to see about 125 animals that were born in captivity. You will get to see Jaguars, Scarlet Macaws and Toucans and loads of other unique animals which will be an educational experience for the little kids. Tourist seeking relaxation and sun can hang out on Belize’s beautiful beaches and if the tourists are interested in secluded spots then they can sail to an uninhabited Belize Cave in a rented boat.