Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club Members Invited to Couples Only Resort

Newly wed couples on the beach

Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club shares a new way that members can customize their upcoming vacation experiences.

Every traveler needs something extraordinary when they start planning an unforgettable vacation experience. Each year, travelers of all ages and with all interests have found their home at the Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club resort in the Dominican Republic where they can build unique vacation experiences by visiting the 7 exceptional beaches, try their hand at some competitive sports, attend amazing limited time events, and experience a number of extraordinary restaurants.

However, while members are able to have dream vacations in the Dominican Republic each year, Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club also knows that sometimes travelers want a little something different on their vacations. Because Lifestyle wants to make sure that members always have these opportunities, it wants to highlight that they now have the amazing opportunity to take their next trip with Lifestyle in Cancun, Mexico. In Cancun they have access to a number of fantastic Grand Lifestyle Resorts. Those looking for a buzzing atmosphere away from the kids are especially encouraged to consider visiting the Grand Lifestyle at Grand Oasis Sens. This is a 21 and over resort with a number of exciting opportunities for those who visit.

Located in the always popular and lovely Cancun, the Grand Lifestyle at Grand Oasis Sens offers adult travelers something different. The atmosphere is romantic and great for couples that are looking for the perfect getaway. When they visit, Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club shares that they will appreciate the luxuriously furnished rooms and the breathtaking ocean views which are the perfect setting for rekindling the romance or celebrating special events together.

When visitors want to explore the Grand Lifestyle at Grand Oasis Sens, they will find a number of ways to make their vacation unique and unforgettable. There are 9 bars at the resort, as well as 9 different restaurants where couples can find a lively atmosphere and treats to tickle their taste buds. They will also find their days and nights full of fun when they take advantage of the pools, the white sand beaches, the spa, or the golf course. Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club encourages visitors to top their night off by seeing a great Vegas style showcase at the end of the night.

Every vacation experience should be unique and endlessly memorable, and when Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club members take advantage of opportunities to visit new places such as Grand Lifestyle at Grand Oasis Sens in Cancun, they are sure to have unforgettable experiences. Start planning to visit this stunning Cancun resort for a special anniversary celebration, honeymoon, or long deserved couples getaway. For more information, visit