Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club Admire La Isabela, Puerto Plata’s Top Attraction

Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club members have always been drawn to the white sands of Puerto Plata and its shopping scene. Most of the tourists prefer to enjoy all inclusive vacations while holidaying in the area. Though an all inclusive holiday make not be frugal for all and so there are many ways to book in cheap accommodations and still enjoy a wonderful holiday. The most interesting place to visit in Puerto Plata is La Isabella, a town founded by Christopher Columbus, which is home to the most beautiful beaches of the Dominican Republic. The shopaholics can even enjoy a shopping extravaganza in Sousa which offers the most desirable shopping experience of your life.

Lifestyle Holidays Vacation members say that you can travel in and around Puerto Plata according to your budget. The one’s who can’t afford it can rent out luxurious  cars to enjoy the sights while the ones who are short on budget can travel in its public buses or gua- guas, which are a collection of minivans that provide discount transportation for the  budget conscious travelers.

Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club members know that there are many things to see in Puerto Plata like its two-story Victorian gazebo in Parque Central right in the heart of Puerto Plata. Tourists stroll past its Church of San Felipe to visit its famous Amber Museum which houses extraordinary shades of Amber and an extensive collection Dominican amber which is said to be the most transparent amber in the world. A day spent exploring the San Felipe Fortress is also a must, built by Christopher Columbus to defend the harbor against enemy attack, it stands out to be the oldest architectural structure of Puerto Plata.

Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club members advise the tourist planning a trip to Dominican destinations to get all their vaccinations complete four to six weeks before traveling as recommended by the Centre of Disease Control. Tourists also need to pack a small carry-on bag, with the essential toiletries, extra clothing and important items that they can’t travel without.