Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club Explore Alberta’s Elk Island National Park

Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club members know  that a holiday in Alberta is as happening and exciting as there are loads of  options for  travelers to choose from including skiing, hiking , paragliding and many different types of water sports. Alberta has always been the top favorite tourist destination for the outdoor adventurers. Nature has endowed Alberta with beautiful natural sites like its Elk Island National Park, New Buffalo National Park and the Columbia Ice Fields are some of its mesmerizing hot post. Enjoying the various outdoor festivals of Calgary Stampede and the great shopping experience in West Edmonton Mall are activities that help to enhance your Alberta vacation experience.

Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club members say that tourist looking forward to hiking recreational can move on to Kananaskis County, whose rocky terrain is just perfect to enjoy a hiking adventure. Tourists can even book in with good tour operators and enjoy a hiking experience on its mountainous terrain under professional supervision. Whitewater rafting is another adventurous experience that the thrill seeking tourists should never miss indulging in. It is an experience that lasts a lifetime as special kinds of rubber rafts that are flexible and sturdy are used. These rafts are competent enough to accommodate eight to ten people. Enjoying a rafting adventure in Alberta is a great way of enjoying your holiday to the fullest as the beautiful holiday destinations of Alberta is dotted with numerous spots that give you a thrilling experience of your life. While enjoying a whitewater rafting experience tourists can also get to glimpse the spectacular views.

Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club members know that one of the most attractive features of your Alberta vacation is that it has a unique character and individuality that keeps the tourist attracted to its diverse landscape and beauty. Whether you are a nature loving tourist, sport loving athlete or a festival junkie you sure will get to discover adventure in the Canadian province of Alberta.

Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club member state that a vacation in Alberta, Canada can provide you with the most enjoyable break from your busy work life, especially if you are living in a warm country. The cold climate of Alberta can offer you a nice change as a vacation destination because Alberta can really deliver.