Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club Recommends The Yosemite National Park

Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club members give you the details  of their journey through the  worlds famous Yosemite National Park that is home  to the most stunning waterfalls. The Yosemite waterfalls stand out to be an iconic symbol of natural beauty as it is set in scenic valleys and canyons that add an element of a heavenly location. When water from the stream flows from a distance, at a certain point it tends to break away from the high force and forms and elevation developing into cascading waterfalls.

Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club states that tourists will find plenty of easy hikes that lead to the base of these spectacular waterfalls and granite cliffs. Tourist only need to buy the entrance ticket and can even visit its museum, enjoy its hiking trails and other attractions for free. There is also a free shuttle system in Yosemite Park that the tourist can avail to move around in the park.

Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club members recommend tourist to visit Yosemite as it is treasure chest of awe inspiring waterfalls. The best time to visit this place is during the spring season when the snow melts and you will get to see the gushing water of the waterfalls falling at a high speed. While the peak run off occurs during the months of May and June and this is the time when the water falls look more stunning. Yosemite Valley is one place that we all need to see at least once in our lifetime and especially in the spring when the waterfall thunders and tumbles down from the high cliff.

Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club members say that in addition to its beautiful waterfall Yosemite has many other attractions that keep the visitors awestruck. The Half Dome above the foot of the Tenaya Canyon is an iconic granite feature that attracts tourist and the thrill seekers try to trek to its highest peak and satisfy their urge for adventure. The Mirror Lake right underneath the face of the Half Dome is a hot spot location to capture scenic landscapes that remain in your memory for life.

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