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Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club Provides Scam and Fraud Avoidance Tips for Travelers in 2015

Sign to Alert for Frauds for Travelers

Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club Offers Travelers Scam and Fraud Avoidance Tips for 2015

Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club is offering members scams and fraud tips for vacation planning that will help ensure the New Year is one of the most secure years to travel.

Thanks largely to Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club’s vigilant efforts to inform its members about scams in the industry; reports of financial fraud were reduced within the travel industry throughout the past year. One of the key factors in this decrease was this luxury vacation provider’s vigilance in informing its members of the latest and most common travel scams. Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club knows that travelers are often specifically targeted because they are typically at-ease and relaxed while enjoying their getaways...

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