Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club Unveils the Top 5 Places to Visit in Puerto Rico

Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club members say that it’s not possible to overlook Puerto Rico when you’re making your travel plans. Puerto Rico has many advantages over other international destinations; for example, for those who are American citizens, no passport is required to enter the country. You can get all the aura of an international destination, without the hassle of customs. This Puerto Rico travel guide is here for you to determine some great places to visit on your trip to this beautiful island destination.

The El Morro, officially known as the Castillo de San Felipe del Morro, is the star attraction in Old San Juan. For 400 years, it has been the most recognizable landmark. Its primary function was to protect the valuable shipping route taking sailors from the Old World to the New. A stroll through the citadel gives visitors a fascinating look at Puerto Rico’s storied military history. Whether looking at the cannons that still point out to the ocean, or standing in a sentry box, it is a captivating look at a soldier’s life in the colonial era.

Next on your list is the Vieques Biobay – perfect for a moonless night. You will start your trip in a kayak, paddling out through mangrove trees into Mosquito Bay. What begins as a routine little trip on the water ends as you emerge into one of the most stunning bioluminescent bays in the world.

El Yunque, also known as “The Anvil,” is worth a visit, as it is the only tropical rainforest to be found in the U.S. National Forest System. Lush and gorgeous mountainous terrain just two hours from San Juan will captivate you when you visit. You’ll find beginner and advanced hikes at El Yunque, and you can end your hike with a dive under a waterfall.

The next stop on your journey is Culebrita, unspoiled and isolated in all its beauty. There is but one manmade structure on Culebrita – a lighthouse – so it is the perfect place to relax. Frolic among the turtles at Playa Tortuga or snorkel along West Beach for a memorable experience.

Last, but not least, head to the Camuy Caves. Since it is the third largest cave system in the world today, you’ll find plenty to see and do there. You can mud-slide, body raft, free jump, and otherwise tour through 600 feet deep caves. There is absolutely nothing like it in the world, and will make for a wonderful and memorable experience.

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